Diana Marazza Jelinek

My task remains the same: that of recognizing and proposing the best quality available on the market, the luxury, the excellence. Beautiful, exclusive and classy objects.

You need a real-estate agency in Lugano because you are looking into Ticino apartments, penthouses or land for sale? Or you are planning moving to Lugano and would benefit from relocation counselling? Considering a signature piece of real-estate in Croatia? Whichever of those it may be, surely you know that the process very much resembles the one of fine-tailoring a dress. The transitions must be seamless, the ultimate match perfect! To you!

That is the credo of Fiducia & Art SA. With years of brokerage experience and a longstanding background in high fashion and international lifestyle, your personal preferences act as a guide to finding the best suited estates and fine arts on offer and tailoring them further to your specific wishes. Your demands are handled with outmost confidentiality and dedication, and needless to mention, flexibility to your schedules and needs.

Headed by Eng. Diana Marazza Jelinek, this small network of professionals delivers turn-key services for real-estate in Lugano, Ticino and Croatia, as well as entire relocation counselling packages to assist you in setting up your new daily life, inclusive of fine-arts brokerage, as the means of making your living environment splendid.

I have been living in Lugano for over two decades now, following the real-estate market and lifestyles on daily basis – I check, inspect and follow up, making sure you are immediately aware of all the opportunities for you. As a fellow expat, I can advise and help set up your daily routines, including kindergartens and schools, sourcing doctors, resolving any required paperwork and similar. I often feel like I have become a friend with many of my Clients and very much enjoy being their first point of contact when moving to Lugano, Ticino or Croatia – my home country.

Real estate agency in Lugano. Fiducia & Art SA primary business is the one of a real-estate agency in Lugano, servicing the entire Como Varese area. As I live here, I am well acquainted with the region, its daily whereabouts and the state of the market. If you are looking for Lugano luxury properties, Ticino property for sale, penthouses, villas or estates in the area, we will keep our eyes out open for you, making sure you know about favourable options immediately. We will organize all the necessary site visits and negotiations, always leaving ample time to discuss the pros and cons with you, delivering turn-key services for real estate. Whether it is about real-estate in Lugano or Ticino apartments, luxury villas and properties in Croatia or fine pieces of art, ensuring that you enjoy the process just as much as the outcome is our ultimate goal.

Properties in Croatia. Croatia, the land of three climates, 1244 islands, and an incredible mix of cultures, where contemporary lifestyles and historic traditions coexist in a surrounding well worth spending time in! Have you yet considered real-estate in Croatia? Property or land for sale? A private island? Yes, some of the 1244 islands can be yours.

Our selected properties in Croatia include only the finest of villas, estates, apartments and penthouses on the Croatian coast, as well as properties and land for sale, inclusive of private islands. 

My roots are in Croatia, and I am very happy to stay in a close everyday connection with my homeland.

Fine Arts Brokerage. Fine Arts is one of my passions, to the extent that I commission young artists in the area of sculpture and paintings. Fiducia & Art SA conducts due diligence wherever necessary, to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. 

I was once moving to Lugano myself and I understand the relocation process first hand.

Relocation counselling & relocation solutions. Moving to Lugano, or Ticino, or buying a property in Croatia opens up so many questions. With your entire daily life in need of a relocation, having an advice from a local who understands your position can be more than helpful. Our relocation solutions include bank arrangements, visas, permits, storage, and schools for children, restaurants to dine in and events to attend. Imagine having all the answers to your questions from one single source!

On behalf of Fiducia & Art SA, I thank you for taking the time to read about our services and am very much looking forward to your contact and hopefully – productive collaboration!

Eng. Diana Marazza Jelinek