Apartments and penthouses in Ticino

The market for apartments and penthouses in Switzerland continues to be a happening place. The construction of new complexes is still on the rise, even from the highs reached in the 1st quarter of 2013, when 8.000 new apartments were constructed in Switzerland. Year 2014 saw the prices of both owner-occupied and rental apartments continue their upward trend from 2013, rising by around 2%.

Luxury apartments in Fiducia collection for sale in Canton Ticino generally size between 120-150 meters square, while we do have rental opportunities up to 200 meters square, such as this beautiful property in Lugano. Renting is an ideal option not only for foreign citizens not interested in obtaining Swiss permits or residency, but for all who prefer flexibility of a lease over a loan. Thus, the demand for penthouses and luxury apartments in Ticino is steadily growing. 

Luxury apartments and penthouses in buildings with 24/7 services such as security, gardening, cleaning, plus social areas for tenants are a total hit! Ideal for all seeking to simply enjoy their place, 24/7-service apartments allow one to come and go as they please without having to worry about maintenance. The convenience and comfort of these apartments can easily go for 1.240.000 CHF (as per currency exchange of 22-01-2015).

All our apartments in Ticino have a remarkable character to them, arising from the location as much as the design. Browse through our property listing here, inclusive of luxury apartments and penthouses, but also beautiful houses, and feel free to contact us if you like something!