Buying a beautiful house in Ticino

Ticino, canton known for its wondrous landscapes ranging from mountaintops to lakesides, could easily be called the California of Switzerland, both in terms of weather and in terms of architecture. The assortment of Ticino houses for sale, and their styles, sizes and budgets are well-illustrated in our property listing. Needless to say, beautiful houses on the shores of lake Maggiore and lake Lugano, as well as properties with lake views, are the most sought after, for their unique ambiance, inspiring panoramas, and Mediterranean microclimate in the area. With Italian charms, Swiss efficiency, and proximity to the Milan international airport, Ticino region is popular not only with Swiss residents, but also with northern Europeans, British, Russians, Italians and Germans. It is a favourite among international celebrities and VIPs, as here they can enjoy without the burden of their fame and disturbance of paparazzi.

Due to the limited number of properties for sale, exclusive prices in comparison to other destinations and restrictions on foreign ownership, a beautiful house in Ticino, and Switzerland in general, is a timeless asset. A promising investment in these times of uncertainty, properties in Ticino are certain to increase, if not double, their value in a matter of years! At the present moment, bank loans are very favourable, with possibilities of 1% interest and only 20% cash down payment. Thus deciding on buying a house in Ticino, or in the wider Swiss area, makes for an important decision best discussed with local professionals who can advise on the state of the market, address your needs in their entirety and design a solution tailored exactly to your personal wishes.