Prestigious relocation in Lugano and around the world

Eng. Diana Marazza Jelinek: high fashion, art and exclusive properties

To deal with valuable properties, the professionalism is not enough: you need taste, passion, background and flexibility. You must be familiar with the product proposed as a high fashion dress.

Born in Croatia, from an Austro-Hungarian family, grew up in Geneva in an international and exclusive environment, Eng. Diana Marazza Jelinek comes living in Lugano twenty years ago. Here she established to work as “relocation counsellor”.

The international background is essential in her work: her father was a doctor and university professor, her mother was a designer and the owner of a fashion house in Zagreb. As a child, Diana travelled around the world, learning languages (she fluently speaks Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, but also some Russian, Arabic and Hebrew words and is approaching the Chinese), knowing different cultures and establishing important contacts with important beings. Her education (a modelling school in Paris, the school of fine arts in Geneva, a degree in textile engineering and the Sculpture Academy in Zagreb) has directed her towards a multifaceted career but consistent and devoted to good taste and excellence in every field.

From high-fashion boutiques that opened in the centre of Geneva, the point of reference of the jet-set of the most international city in Switzerland to her passion for sculpture, which leads her still today to encroach on the art market by supporting contemporary young artists and by conducting brokerage for buying and selling paints. There is a thread that leads to that which has now become her primary business of “relocation counsellor”, addressed to foreign customers and multinational companies that, thanks to tax benefits, are settled in the Canton Ticino.

This is a target that can take advantage from the opening and international attitude of Diana Marazza Jelinek. Her job is to put in contact, in the strictest confidence and discretion, those who sell and those looking for exclusive and prestigious properties in Ticino, but also in neighbouring Italia and in different parts of the world.

“As in the past I modelled a high-fashion dress that I personalized for a customer – she explains- today I look for the ideal villa or apartment, to make them feel fully ease and assure them a good investment. In my opinion, it is only changes the product to offer, but my task remains the same: that of recognizing and proposing the best quality available on the market, the luxury, the excellence. Beautiful, exclusive and classy objects.”

Her philosophy of life and work, two inseparable dimensions if one follows a vocation with passion, as Eng. Diana Marazza Jelinek always does, can be summarized in a few lines of the motto:

“Today it’s my tomorrow. It’s up to me to shape it, to take control and seize every opportunity.
The power is in the choices, I make each day. I eat well, I live well, I shape me.”

Her customers are very demanding: Diana receives them, with the utmost flexibility, listening to them, trying to deepen the knowledge to understand their real needs. Then she proposes them a number of options, letting them visiting the property and detailing the benefits and opportunities of each proposal, to allow them a conscious and rational choice.

After the choice of the property, the relocation service is “turnkey” and touches every collateral aspect of the sale, thanks to a network of professionals working in partnership with Fiducia & Art SA, which Diana holds: from moving to the administrative and fiscal documents.

“While choosing a property- she remembers- three things are essential: the location and then the location, and yet the location. A house can be changed, the location cannot. That’s why if one invests on a property in a prestigious location, can always resell it ensuring a good gain.”

Fiducia & Art SA indiscriminately looks for residential properties, prestigious buildings or land where one can build, suggesting always safe investments: in a historical moment in which the volatility of financial markets poses at risk the capital held, the “brick”  continues to represent the true safe haven to secure a stable annuity. Especially in a reality as dynamic as the one in Canton Ticino, where the demand for high standing residential real estate is incessant.