I once moved to Switzerland myself and I understand the experience first-hand. I know exactly what it entails to start a whole new life here and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

Relocation ranks very high, if not on the second position, on the list of most stressful events in life. It requires significant time investment, plus interferes with your established routines, professional schedules and structured daily operations. Thus hiring a professional agent to assist and organize your relocation is a way to turn it into a pleasant journey.

I say it’s like getting your first friend.

The relocation counselling portion of our portfolio comprises advising you on locations, providing real-estate options, seeking out available services, reviewing options and advising on relocation decisions.

Our relocation solutions include sourcing real-estate and helping you select the one, to undertaking all the necessary steps to complete the property paperwork. Further, they include move management and all the necessary assistance with your visas or residency paperwork, handling everything you may need on the Swiss side, and finally, assisting you with getting all set up in your new home and your new life, inclusive of sourcing schools or language teachers, help at home, dentists, doctors, banks and else.

Our services and assistance cover everything concerning your relocation!

If you are planning a relocation to Switzerland, or are considering real-estate in the area, please contact us! We will enjoy making the relocation process a pleasant journey for you!